The Veil

from by Sue and the Hufflepuffs



I was really naive, 始める時に
Thinkin' that what you are is what you show to me.
Snape was really a バカなおじさん
Dumbledore was a 親しいお父さん.
Growin' up with these books you ought to realise,
That, like life, there's more on the inside.
With every page you turn, you're gonna hafta wait
To find out the true meaning of 愛.

A Phoenix flame-
Shows the true meaning of
The Inner Life
How would you know from lookin' at it that it
Heals with cry
Don't underestimate the worth based
On your eyes
Misconception, perception, selection take your pick

"Lift not the painted veil,
Which those who live call life" --
The scene what paints itself
Hides its body from prying eyes
Look not to length of life,
But learn how to live
He'll guide your path to give:
Death is not the end,
It's only the beginning in disguise.

"Death is just the beginning," it's like a 旅.
Don't be focusin' on ways to avoid it.
What you learn from obsessin', 物のこと
Is a lesson to keep 一生のためよ.
What you want outta life, 見たくないか
周り人 want you to ignore it, yah
Rip off the shades, look through your 窓.
Look at the 現実 and be a hero.

A portrait smiles,
It's not what's in the frame but what's without
Imprinted Soul
those who die never leave us but they can't
Guide us whole
You've got to take them with you and think of
The lessons you've learned
'cause no matter the hate, the love, they've all got stuff to be heard



from Elegy, track released November 13, 2009




Sue and the Hufflepuffs Los Angeles, California

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