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released December 25, 2009




Sue and the Hufflepuffs Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: The Veil
I was really naive, 始める時に
Thinkin' that what you are is what you show to me.
Snape was really a バカなおじさん
Dumbledore was a 親しいお父さん.
Growin' up with these books you ought to realise,
That, like life, there's more on the inside.
With every page you turn, you're gonna hafta wait
To find out the true meaning of 愛.

A Phoenix flame-
Shows the true meaning of
The Inner Life
How would you know from lookin' at it that it
Heals with cry
Don't underestimate the worth based
On your eyes
Misconception, perception, selection take your pick

"Lift not the painted veil,
Which those who live call life" --
The scene what paints itself
Hides its body from prying eyes
Look not to length of life,
But learn how to live
He'll guide your path to give:
Death is not the end,
It's only the beginning in disguise.

"Death is just the beginning," it's like a 旅.
Don't be focusin' on ways to avoid it.
What you learn from obsessin', 物のこと
Is a lesson to keep 一生のためよ.
What you want outta life, 見たくないか
周り人 want you to ignore it, yah
Rip off the shades, look through your 窓.
Look at the 現実 and be a hero.

A portrait smiles,
It's not what's in the frame but what's without
Imprinted Soul
those who die never leave us but they can't
Guide us whole
You've got to take them with you and think of
The lessons you've learned
'cause no matter the hate, the love, they've all got stuff to be heard

Track Name: Eulogy
Walking through the bricks to my wildest dreams
Nothing was there I could expect to see
Hagrid took me around showing me everything
Buying loads of treats and scholarly stuff

He walked away and said, "I'll be right back"
He walked through the door; I was taken aback

And then I saw you, Hedwig
Snowy feathers through crystal glass
I couldn't believe you're mine
Help guide me in this magical world

We flew off together to Hogwarts and then
Saw such things I could not comprehend
The world around us so mystical,
We stumbled around before we took hold.

Hermione lent her books and brain
But one thing you had, that no one can claim:

You were my constant, Hedwig
Holding my ground, when I spun through my mind
You carried more than letters --
You held me when Ron was not around

The years flew by and now I see,
Why what was to come and happen must be
You lived with me through thick and hell
Why was your future not destined so well?

The flash in the sky, that rent the cage
Accioed your life, and poured in me rage

But then I saw you, Hedwig,
Falling through the sky
Like a tortured doll
You used to be my Hedwig,
Now where you were,
There's nothing left at all

"So keep this in mind friends:
While this may be a very sad day,
Would she want tears spilled over her? No.
She would want us all to be happy--

So here's a toast, to Hedwig,
The Greatest Owl Who Ever Lived"

We watched you fly away, Hedwig
These words were written just for you
We remember now, singing
Of a bird that always would fly true

And then I saw you, Hedwig,
Falling through the sky
Like a tortured doll
You used to be my Hedwig,
Now where you were,
There's nothing left at all

[chorus x2]

["As long as we keep her in our hearts and in our minds,
Her soul will live on"]
Track Name: End of the Story
This is the end of the story
As we know it
This is the end of a chapter
In our lives

Who is the one who creates a legend
From a story?
What lies beyond the ink before your eyes?

Curtains open on our story
To a little boy with wide green eyes
Dudley really was such a torment
Until the end, when he looked at Harry

"I'm Sorry"
Were the words felt in his eyes, but
"It's OK"
Was the response he felt inside (take care, now)

Our little boy grew up so much
From silly fear to unseen terror
Elder Wand in hand he marched
Into the forest, he stood up to him and said,

"I'm right here!"
I'm facing my life, my fate, my doom (yeah)
"Look at me!"
"Avada Kedavra" comes too soon

This is the end of the story
As we know it
This is the end of a chapter
In our lives

Who is the one who creates legend
From a story?
What lies beyond the ink
Before your eyes?

When Hagrid brought Harry's body out
There were great screams and ghostly shouts
Voldemort taunted the crowd to gloat
When Neville looked at him, shouted and said,

"It's over!"
Then he slashed Nagini with the sword (and I thought)
"Holy Crap!"
Neville's shyness was no more

This is the end of the story
As we know it
This is the end of a chapter
In our lives

Who is the one who creates legend
From a story?
What lies beyond the ink
Before your eyes?

Six-hundred-and-something pages later
Mixed emotions flowing through my veins
Am I happy, sad, depressed or mad?
Do I scream and shout or throw my book across the room?

A blank page
Was the sight I feared to see, and...
"All was well."
Where the words that pierced the sky

This is the end of the story
As we know it
This is the end of a chapter
In our lives

Who is the one who creates legend
From a story?
What lies beyond the ink
Before your eyes? (x2)
Track Name: Waarvandan?
Waar gaan jy nou, my kleintjie vriend?
Kan jy dit sien, wat het begin again?
Voldemort gaan jou vermoorde..

Maar loop jy hard soos hard's jy kan
Wat soek jy op, wat kan jy find?
Jy weet nie....Niks weet jy nie...

Nou's 'n regte pad voor jy Harry
Jy kan nie wag nie, stand met my
Ons kom met jou en bly vir ewig
Vriende vir lewe, tot die ende

Skool is 'n bietjie insincere
Ek saam met Harry wens te skreeu
Hy sal nie hier terug kom nie

Ons moet die Horcri find en verstoer
Wonderlik kan ons vermoor
En Voldemort sal lewe verloor

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: 浪人
Don't know watcha thinkin', Harry
Don't be thinkin' you can try this alone
School is out for the summer
Grab the tools that you will need to help you out

You've got no master holdin' you down
Just follow what's inside yourself

Just when you've lost the faith you have got
Don't despair, don't think that you have forgot
The way you're travellin' sees you through
The Ronin of destiny is in you

The way is wide and open outside
The future is unknown and seems so far away

As we close the book on this chapter of life we sweat
Don't forget the life you come from and your friends so true

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Augen
Die Zeit ist jetzt verflogen
Ich kann nicht deine Gesicht sehen
Dein Sonn spricht immer quatsch.
Warum muß ich ihn haßen?

Dann versuche ich zu machen
Friede doch in mein Herz
Na, wenn ich deine Augen sehen
Kann ich nicht verlassen!

In seiner Augen
Liegt eine Liebe für mein Leben
Aber weiß ich nicht worum zu suchen
Um mein Herz zu heilen
Meine Vergangenheit komm wieder an

In seiner Augen
Treff ich fast schmerzen Gedanken
Die Ruhe der Abwesenheit
Schlägt immer meine Hoffnung
Lily kommt niemals an

Mit mein Leben, ich ihn rette
Den Jungen wie ich haße
Weil ich nun meine Liebe versprochen habe
Den Dunkelherr sabotieren

Zauberern sind mehr
Als seiner Zauberstab kann tun
Wir haben unsere Seele,
Sondern unser Herz gebrochen ist.
[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Hollow Hallows
The dreams men have
of flying through the darkness
Dissipate in the dark
from which they wake

The greatest wants
Or are they greatest needs?
Capture the minds
of even history's greats

Screaming through the ink of pain
Running through those hollow hallowed halls
All I see through my tears
Is the writing on the walls

But even in my darkest hour
My faith is not so shallow
That I would risk it all
To get my hands on those hollow Hallows

Innocuous stories written
From ancient runes inscribed
Children's fairy tales are given
Yielding lessons great and deep

He who harks not the grave
Real dangers of the text
Relies not on the power of others,
But the foolish power of self


A snitch was closed
To protect from its truth

A book was loosed
Upon the very minds it needed

The Sword of Gryffindor was raised
To lead the humble children on

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Sacrifice
Scattered dreams and shattered gleams of hope;
Tattered rags and splattered drops of potion
Cannot make this world whole,
After how you've left it cold.

You knew I loved you and yet still
You fell for the one that I could kill
Yet left you all alone to prove
My heart, my soul my life belonged to you.

Darkness falls around me now
I can't hear my heartbeat pounding
On the floor below
The last light filters in so slow

The fog that fills my vision wide
Brings me your face and I can find
The love that once I knew
This sacrifice I make
I make for you

Rage that once filled me up with spite
And flowed within me at the sight
Of one who held your eyes
But all I feel is emptiness inside

The scar upon his forehead now remains
The living witness to this day I stand
Against the force of darkness here prevailed
Against my life, now I go beyond the veil

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Xenophile
It only makes sense
The place where so many Quibbler's formed
Would be so paper-dense

Curiousity intensified,
We climbed the stairs to see what we could find
And saw Luna's room and nearly died

You really are a xenophile,
Judging from the wild décor
Roaming through impossible jungles
I raise my spectre-specs and say

You really are a xenophile,
Plural "you", it runs in the family
A paranormal, paramagical, real X-file,
Who can say you don't love what you do?

We knew we could trust you
Though you let us down a bit
How could we know the tea was a lie?

The printing press whizzing,
Spitting out crazed intentions, distracted us
From the Death Eaters at bay


Though you ratted us out
We couldn't hate for all the help you gave
Even if we ran

Inspiration runs
A different course than logic, and we know
You and Luna will explore

[Chorus (x2)]
Track Name: My Friends
You never cared who I was
What I said or how I behave.
You stood by me and fought the same
Your love never abated

And so it is that at this hour
I'll take this sign with my feeble power,
And place your faces upon the wall
And say, "My friends, I love you best of all"

Some called me "looney"
Which only slightly bothered me
But you took a stance
And frowned upon the ridicule

Some may say
I said "goodbye" to sanity
But even with my Snorklekack in tow
My friends didn't stoop so low


I wanted to help
See you through the end
However hard it might be, I can fight
Though others doubt, my friends will not

Who thought that it would ever come to this?
Through my schooling years
I never thought I'd have such buddies three:
Harry, Ron and Hermione

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Bohemian Latté
Last time we took a look them
Who had taken the Potterverse by storm
They were just rugged three-man band
Tortured by the imbalance of their form

Now we see some years go by
Someone new stepped up into the light
An artist, lover, not a fighter, friend
Now the trio's four and it's real tight

Melissa's sipping on a cup of coffee,
John's shoving Chipotle up his nose,
Moochka's got into the toffee,
And Sue is kicking back with Jo

But Frak is far behind them,
His pencil dancing back and forth
The comic trio's now a foursome
With the froth of love:
Bohemian Latte

Sometimes we see the newbie siding
With Melissa and Sue, sometimes with John
Depends really on what they're asking:
Is it about canon or a masculine show?

When Wizard Rock is on the table
Melissa reminds the choir loft
That Frak is the infamous designer
Of Jingle Spells - are our memories soft?

Track Name: Elfhugger
What's wrong with wizards today?
Will they see what's beyond their nose?
Why do they keep on misbehavin',
Mistreatin' all those who mend their hose?

Why can't we all just get along?
These creatures still belong on earth below
Is there something that I am missin'?
Or do we need to make our small hearts grow?

I am an Elfhugger
I wear a tea towel
Because I'm a friend

I am an Elfhugger
Don't listen to those purebloods
They just don't want to lift a hand

Can't you see, night after night in the Hall
These little creatures give us quite a feast
You appreciate the taste of pie
You'd appreciate elves if they were deceased

Why can't you recognise their plea?
They can't speak for themselves without some clothes
Dobby wasn't the first, but he remains
The on with the spark to drive it forth

[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Friendship [of Floo]
I remember when
It was afternoon after
I finished book 5
I found you on a network
That was built on Floo

Years went by.
It was on a podcast we learned
More about you
And the love you had for
All us seemed so true

What happened to the network
That was made of floo and friendship?
What happened to the story
That our love had shared before?

What happened to the concept
That our hearts were for the fans
Once again.
And so we high stand
For our ideals.

Canon battles
And not the kinds will balls
But with words
A range of voices
Arguing could be heard

The last book coming
Deathly Hallows would not
Be the end of speculating
The confidence of conclusions
Heavily shaken


The Scottish book
Seemed it was not enough
For some who wanted
To take a chance at proving
Their own worth

But we aren't angry
We moved on and we've
Healed our wounds with time
And words of love
We don't care anymore
What you were thinking of

(We forgive you)

Track Name: Epilogue
Nothing we could say
Would prove to be good enough to be
A summary of what
She showed through the tale of Harry

Now we realise
Though the story's done, the tale's been told
Everything we've learned
Goes on and on, forever remaining bold

Upon each other stands
Lessons we learn from the pages of our friends
This ink upon the page
Relates us, and takes our rifts and mends

This fandom we are in
Reminds we can stand as one again
The world we can't control
Becomes the object of the faith we hold instead

It's the end
But the beginning
Of a lifetime of telling
The middle of the story

It's the end
Of being driven
But the beginning
Of driving our hope

This is our Epilogue

The last words we recall
"All was well" - will be our battle cry
And though we shut the door
On a chapter, we've opened up a tome

Innocence was lost
But a new world and bravery was forged
Redemption was found
For those who found themselves lying on the ground


Harry's tale is on the shelf
Gathering dust as we gather years
But the story's not on the page
But the life that we've lived through tears

How will our story end?
Will we see that our hearts are darkened stone
Or will we be given grace
In a power that's not from us alone

[Chorus x2]